Art & Design

Art provides an opportunity to develop your expression, creativity and confidence whilst learning about the cultural aspects of life you see around you every day. Feel free to experiment, take creative risks and be reflective during your art lessons, thinking creatively and critically.

Purpose of the Art & Design Curriculum:

  1. To develop students understanding of the artist’s way of working e.g. copying artist’s work and writing about their work
  2. To allow students to be able to apply artists’ skills into their work
  3. To enable students to acquire skills and accuracy using a range of different media, materials and techniques
  4. To give students the opportunity to produce high standard observational drawings, ensuring work is in proportion
  5. To enable students to develop an appreciation of written thought about art work (annotation)
  6. To allow students to produce a final outcome which links to the rest of the project

To view the Art & Design Learning Journey – Click HERE