Online Safety

At Orsett Heath Academy, we believe that promoting online safety plays a critical role in protecting our pupils online. We aim to ensure our online safety measures enable us to provide an environment for all our pupils to thrive, grow and learn, whilst staying safe online.


We have a series of measures in place through policies and security provisions which safeguard pupils against unsuitable content and contact, and ensure they maintain appropriate conduct.

These policies include our Safeguarding Policy, Online Safety Policy, and Acceptable Use Agreement, which outline the proper use of technology.


Online safety is taught to all pupils during ICT and PSHE lessons, as well as Tutor Time, and staff are required to undertake online safety training to update their knowledge. We also use Internet Safety Day annually to draw attention to the cause.

Parental Support

There are many ways you can help minimise the risks associated with children being online and increase online safety in your home, please see the attachments below.

Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Internet in Secondary

Online Safety Tips 11-13

ThinkuKnow website

UK Safer Internet Centre 

What Parents & Carers Need to Know About Whatsapp

What Parents & Carers Need to Know About TikTok

What Parents & Carers Need to Know About Instagram

What Parents & Carers Need to Know About Friends and Followers

If you would like to discuss the matter of online safety in greater depth, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ms Rawson, at [email protected] or on 01375 802800

Reporting Mechanisms