Student Leadership

Orsett Heath Academy will appoint a variety of Student Leadership positions every year. 

The students in these groups will undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and at extra-curricular events.

Every Student Leadership group is designed to extend student experiences, provide them with opportunities to enhance their skills, and give students a voice in whole school improvement. Take a look at the opportunities available:

Details about each position and how/when to apply can be found in the Student Leadership Booklet – Student Leadership Booklet

Goals for Student Leadership Groups

Each student leadership group has set a goal for the current academic year of 2020-21. Please click HERE to see.

Student Council

During the Autumn Term the Student Council ran a Pupil Survey to find out the opinions, issues and questions of the Orsett Heath student body. Since then, they have been working hard to make improvements for all. Please see their “You said… We did…” statements attached – Autumn Term 2020-21