Personal Development

The Personal Development curriculum at Orsett Heath Academy is broad and far-reaching.

Personal Development encompasses all aspects of PSHE, RSE, Citizenship, character education, CEIAG, SMSC and British Values. It is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education.

Provision across the whole school seeks to prepare the pupils for the rich, diverse and sometimes difficult lives they may face both in school and in the wider world. Personal Development also provides pupils with the knowledge they need to show respect to all members of their community, whilst also developing a profound sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Through this will be empowered to recognise and develop a sound understanding of a variety of issues, such as healthy relationships, mental and physical health and how to keep themselves safe both online and offline. It will equip them with the knowledge to seek appropriate support and safeguard themselves from any difficulties they may face.


Personal Development is specifically taught during the following curriculum times, as well as being integrated through all academic areas:

  • Tutor time programmes
  • PSHE lessons
  • Religious education lessons
  • Elective curriculum lessons
  • Creative curriculum lessons

All aspects of Personal Development are also embedded through:

  • Student leadership opportunities
  • National awareness days and weeks
  • Assemblies throughout the academic year
  • Parents information and support evenings
  • Stakeholder surveys and feedback
  • Trips and visits throughout the academic year
  • Inclusion of external visitors and speakers throughout the academic year
  • Reporting of academic progress three times a year
  • Extra-curricular clubs

Development of the Curriculum

Our Personal Development journey has been developed as a responsive curriculum based on parent and pupil voice, recognising the needs of our community and adapting the curriculum accordingly.

For further details, please see our Personal Development Journey

Personal Development Award

As part of students’ personal development journey, we encourage all to participate in the Personal Development Award