Pastoral Support

There are 4 core methods by which students in school can report an issue, concern or worry to a member of staff:

  1. Pupils as Listeners – These are peers trained in supporting others. They can be identified by their badges and can be found on the PALS table every break time.
  2. Tutors – Tutors are the first point of call for all students, seeing them twice a day. They have regular opportunities to support students with any concerns they have.
  3. TooToot – If students do not want to speak to someone face to face, they can send their concern into TooToot, an app or online platform where concerns go directly to the safeguarding team.
  4. Safeguarding Team – If students wish to go directly to the Safeguarding Team, they can also. Posters are around school with faces of the members of staff involved and key supportive websites students can access.

In all of the above circumstances, staff members will log concerns on CPOMS or discuss directly with the Designated Lead Safeguard Officer.

The Designated Lead Safeguard Officer will then:

  • Support students in a discussion with a member of the Safeguarding team
  • Direct students to internal support
  • Signpost students to specific external support strategies

For further information, please see Appendix 1 in our school Safeguarding Policy, which outlines our Pastoral Care Action Plan.

As a summary of this information, the Pastoral Care Flowchart has been created, which will be available in all classrooms for students to view: