Orsett Heath Academy aims to encourage and celebrate the success of all its students in all areas of school life, and to ensure that pupil commitment and achievement is acknowledged, rewarded and recorded. We recognise the importance of praise and reward and seek to promote and reinforce our expectations of our pupils at any given and relevant opportunity.

Pupils will be rewarded for:

  • Effort and progress
  • Attainment
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Participation
  • Positive attitude/enthusiasm
  • Respectful behaviour

We have many different ways of rewarding our pupils, including:

Positive Points – If an Orsett Heath Academy pupil demonstrates the appropriate behaviours for reward, every teacher can praise those pupils verbally and by assigning them positive points.

Praise Postcards – If the point is for an academic subject, the class teacher is responsible for keeping a tally of the amount received. If the pupils receive five positive points for that subject, a Department ‘Praise Postcard’ will be sent home. If the positive point is for more pastoral/EQ reasons, the tutor will be responsible for keeping a tally of the amount received and for sending home the Tutor Time ‘Praise Postcard.’

Pupil Praise Prize Draw  – Each postcard home will also allow the pupil one entry into the ‘Pupil Praise Prize Draw.’ This will be drawn once a half term in the ‘Celebrations Assembly.’

Celebrations Assembly – The ‘Celebration Assembly’ will also reward attendance prizes (for the best form, as well as individual pupils), subject prizes (half termly) and the Head of School’s Award (termly).

Other Strategies

Alongside the rewards system, students are routinely recognised in the following other ways, including verbal praise:

  • Verbal praise
  • Celebration breakfasts
  • Academic prizes awarded at Presentation Evening
  • Certificates
  • The school website and/or social media
  • School noticeboards
  • Privileges
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Positions of responsibility and leadership

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Thresholds

Students will accumulate positive points during the school year, which will be recognised through termly reporting to parents, and by being awarded bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels as they reach the appropriate thresholds.

Once a student has accumulated enough points for a gold or platinum level, the badge will be presented by the Head of School, who will also write to the student’s parents. Every September will be a fresh start (points will be reset at zero and students will work towards bronze, silver, gold and platinum for that school year).

The point thresholds are below:

  • Bronze – 25 points
  • Silver – 50 points
  • Gold – 100 points
  • Platinum – 150 points