Peer Support

If you would like to access peer support within Orsett Heath Academy, there are a variety of different leadership groups whom offer advice and guidance to peers.

PALS (Pupils as Listeners) – Our aim is to make sure that students feel happy when in school and that no one faces a problem alone. We are dedicated and determined to make sure that all students have the opportunity to enjoy their time at Orsett Heath, and will listen to others when they have a problem – whether the problem is with friendship, stress, bullying or any other concerns you have.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Our aim is to campaign to change the attitudes, behaviour and culture of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations, both online and offline. We have completed Anti-Bullying Ambassador training with The Diana Award and are continuing to work to implement our training into daily life at Orsett Heath.

Mental Health Champions – We were trained by the Schools Wellbeing Service to become Mental Health Champions. Through our training, we developed our understanding of children’s mental health and now work together to introduce approaches that foster positive wellbeing at Orsett Heath Academy. As part of our training, we enhanced our active listening skills and therefore are always here if you would like to talk about any worries or concerns you have.

Wellbeing Team – We work within school to develop all students understanding and awareness to wellbeing. This includes, fundraising activities, assemblies and off-timetable wellbeing days. Our aim to ensure that every student at Orsett Heath feels supported, welcomed, and happy.