Curriculum Subjects

Curriculum Subjects

It is important for all stakeholders to be able to access information about each subject offered in our academic curriculum. On each subject page you will find an overview of the philosophy and key principles of that subject alongside some links to key documents information you about the curriculum:

  • The Learning Journey – This document shows you the curriculum overview for that subject, including key topics and assessments from Year 7 to 11 – If the subject is offered at KS3 and KS4. In addition, this document also shows how our Key Stages link to KS2 and KS5.
  • The Programmes of Study – This document will inform you which topics are studied during the academic year.

The names of key post-holders in the department are also listed alongside their email contact details. Please contact the named staff should you need any further information about our curriculum.


Year 9 Options 2024

Below is the information needed to submit Year 9 Option choices.

Please watch the Curriculum Offer and Options Process guidance videos first. Then, read the Options Form and Booklet, and watch the subject videos.

Click HERE for the link to the Google Form where you can fill in your preferences and submit by Monday 11th March 2024.

Should you need to discuss this with a member a staff, appointments are available on Monday 4th March and can be made using the school cloud website as you would on a parent consultation evening.

Guidance Videos and Documents:

Curriculum Offer Video *please watch first*

Options Process Video *please watch first*

Options Booklet

Options Form

Parent Guide on How to Book Year 9 Options Consultation Meeting

Subject Videos:




Design Technology






Media Studies



PE (GCSE or BTEC, please see Options Booklet for more information)

Religion and Ethics




Business Studies

Health and Social Care

Hospitality and Catering

PE (GCSE or BTEC, please see Options Booklet for more information)