Values & Ethos

The SWECET vision is to educate, empower and inspire generations of children through a network of outstanding schools that are recognised at a local, regional and national level as being the absolute benchmark in excellent teaching and learning.

Our schools will be recognised as the most forward thinking and innovative organisations within the communities that they serve, and all children will leave our care as well rounded individuals who have achieved high levels of academic success and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Orsett Heath Academy will be characterised by its passionate and unrelenting drive to ensure that every one of its students makes extraordinary progress, achieves exceptional standards and realises his or her huge potential. This will take place within an academy where best practice is commonplace, which prides itself at being at the cutting edge of innovation and next practice. It will have a strong culture of performance through sport and the arts that is enhanced by its unique proposed location.


On the 18th May 2020, we launched a student competition to develop the Orsett Heath values and ethos into an eye catching design. 

From viewing all entries, we selected the most common words students used to define the Orsett Heath vision, these are:

  • Courage
  • Effort
  • Potential
  • Respect

Our next phase will be to discuss what each of these keywords mean to students on their first day in September, through which we will finalise the aims of our overall ethos.

In terms of design of the values and ethos, the following student entries were selected as the top 3:

  • Frankie H
  • Louie S
  • Robert H

These students designs will be used in September, as a whole cohort, to create a whole school summary of our values and ethos.

To see all student entries, please click here