The English department strives to challenge you to think deeper and analyse pieces further, introducing you to a wide range of texts. English also develops literacy, reading and writing skills, creating students capable of using these skills across all subjects and future walks of life

Purpose of the English Curriculum:

  1. To give students the tools to analyse how writers use language and structure to achieve effects, whilst also being able to communicate clearly, effectively, and imaginatively in your own writing.
  2. To enable students to become adept in creating imaginative and descriptive pieces of extended prose.
  3. To allow students to critically evaluate poetry, showing understanding of the relationships between texts and their contexts.
  4. To allow students to study pieces of 19th Century fiction, gaining understanding of writer’s purpose and contexts.
  5. To allow students to to study an entire 20th Century novel, gaining understanding of the social, cultural and historical context.
  6. To enable students to understand the language of Shakespeare and how that shapes character and theme.

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